The Class O release brings the following updates to Coldfunction:

  • Complete UI revamp!
  • Components written in react.js.
  • Support for up and down votes in answers.
  • Support for following a question.
  • Brand new code highlighting theme.
  • Brand new markdown editor with preview support.
  • Warns user of unsaved changes before closing window.
  • Support for the coldmark markdown spec.
  • Fixed various issues in image uploading.
  • Fixed various issues in comments rendering.'
  • Fixed scrolling issues in specific pages.
  • Fixed some internal error msgs displayed when user posting with empty content.
  • Dark theme support in syntax highlighting.
  • Use Ajax requests in various editing page.
  • Fixed annoying autocomplete popping up in markdown editor.
  • Fixed save button not disabled when editor is loading.
  • Fixed the issue "Do not pass page parameter when switching feed type".
  • Editor is now automatically loaded when user logged in.
  • Full screen edit support.
  • Custom search is now opened in a new window.

Class O

O-type stars are very hot and extremely luminous, with most of their radiated output in the ultraviolet range. These are the rarest of all main-sequence stars. About 1 in 3,000,000 (0.00003%) of the main-sequence stars in the solar neighborhood are O-type stars. Some of the most massive stars lie within this spectral class. O-type stars frequently have complicated surroundings that make measurement of their spectra difficult.

Class O